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"Education Through Martial Arts"

About Us


Mission Statement & Philosophy

The New Breed Life Arts & Education Association, Inc. is dedicated to providing a cultural and educational, multi-disciplinary component in the community. The New Breed was established as a comprehensive program designed to train children and adults in the Martial Arts, and in Life Arts. The organization's philosophy is "Education Through Martial Arts", and the main focus is to assist people to become empowered, productive citizens, and to provide exposure to positive relevant images. The New Breed's goal is to provide information and enlightenment while utilizing mind, body and spirit concepts. The organization intends to create an environment where people have a sense of well being, integrity, strength, pride and courage. The organization is dedicated to providing cultural activities which will stimulate and enhance the quality of life for children, adults, and the senior population.

The New Breed Program is very much concerned with the new directions karate has taken during the last ten years. There has been a break with the traditional approaches to instruct and teach the study of karate. The ability to prosper economically by teaching karate has negatively influenced the art form; many instructors have prospered over the years those who have subscribed to this belief, placing money before loyalty to karate as an art form.

New Breed's philosophy is different. New Breed advocates developing the mind in conjunction with the body. Students work to develop a strong mental attitude while simultaneously developing their bodies through the process of rigorous physical training.

The New Breed has coordinated programs to divert crime in the inner city.

The New Breed provides the kinds of challenges necessary to constructively re-develop the moral consciousness, minds, bodies, and spirits of youth and young adults. The philosophy has also proven beneficial to the well being of even the senior citizen populations. Our programs also provide employment and hands on skills development.



Violence has reached epidemic proportions among inner city youth. Over 400 Black youth between the ages of 12 and 24 have lost their lives because of crimes committed by other youngsters their own age. Every five days, and adolescent is killed in this country. This wave of lawlessness and corruption has been attributed to economic deprivation, which in turn leads to an unhealthy development of self-esteem, these conditions lead to hopelessness and despair in urban children, youth and adults.

The increase in the school dropout rate, which is occurring at a younger age than ever before and the escalating rise in teen pregnancy have reached a crisis level in many urban areas through out New York City. Social and societal ills have contributed to the disintegration of the family.
Sociological studies suggest, when young people are constructively challenged and given a sense of self-achievement, they are less inclined to develop or become involved themselves in antisocial behavior, and are well likely to choose the road towards developing a strong sense of self-esteem.

New Breed provides youngsters with a supportive environment that nurtures and assists in the development of a strong mind. New Breed provides all of its members with a safe space where urban youngsters can be positively stimulated to master varying challenges that will help them to mature constructively.


New Breed Life Arts History

The New Breed Life Arts and Educational Association is a not-for-profit organization, and has for over thirty years, coordinated programs to divert crime in urban communities. New Breed is a "Life time member of National USA Karate Federation, and a member of the Olympic Committee".

In 1974, Master Thornton, along with Master Bradford Gonzalez opened their own Dojo in New York City. They called it The New Breed Dynamic Youth Association, Inc. At the same time, he also devoted a good deal of his time to teaching the Police Athletic League.
During those years, New Breed staged numerous exhibitions throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico producing scores of highly successful Karate tournaments.
Master Thornton also became a champion competitor of the Martial Arts.

As a result of his leadership, New Breed's Lamarr Thornton has utilized the knowledge he acquired both as a student and as an instructor to create a unique style called Kushinda Ryu: The Enlightenment of an Open Mind. He feels that only when the mind is open and receptive, a student is able to enjoy the total karate experience.

The success of this new approach can be easily seen in the increasing number of students who are vying for a place in his classes, and the dedication of those who are currently being taught by him. A monumental task at best, but one which he is uniquely equipped to tackle. 

The New Breed provides training in self control, self discipline, meditation, martial arts classes, physical fitness, and self defense to build confidence and strengthen awareness. It offers other programs of history and cultural awareness.