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The New Breed Life Arts and Educational Association is a not-for-profit organization, and has for over thirty years, coordinated programs to divert crime in urban communities. New Breed is a "Life time member of National USA Karate Federation, and a member of the Olympic Committee".

In 1974, Master Thornton, along with Master Bradford Gonzalez opened their own Dojo in New York City. They called it The New Breed Dynamic Youth Association, Inc. At the same time, he also devoted a good deal of his time to teaching the Police Athletic League.
During those years, New Breed staged numerous exhibitions throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico producing scores of highly successful Karate tournaments.
Master Thornton also becam a champion competitor of the Martial Arts.

As a result of his leadership, New Breed's Lamarr Thornton has utilized the knowledge he acquired both as a student and as an insturctor to create a unique style called Kushinda Ryu: The Enlightenment of an Open Mind. He feels that only when the mind is open and receptive a student is able to enjoy the total karate experience.

The success of this new approach can be easily seen in the increasing number of students who ar vying for a place in his classes, and the dedication of those who are currently being taught by him. A monumental task at best, but one which he is uniquely equiped to tackle. One of Kushinda's sutdents was quoted as stating the following:
"Having spent the last two years as a student of Karate under the tutelage of New Breed's Master Lamarr Thornton has not only increased my ......

The New Breed provides training in self control, self discipline, meditation, martial arts classes, physical fitness, and self defense to build confidence and strengthen awareness. It offers other programs of history and cultural awareness.

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