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Violence has reached epidemic proportions among inner city youth. Over 400 Black youth between the ages of 12 and 24 have lost their lives because of crimes committed by other youngsters their own age. Every five days, and adolescent is killed in this country. This wave of lawlessness and corruption has been attributed to economic deprivation, which in turn leads to an unhealthy development of self-esteem, these conditions lead to hopelessness and despair in urban children, youth and adults.

The increase in the school dropout rate, which is occuring at a yonger age than ever before and the escalating rise in teen pregnancy have reached a crisis level in many urban areas through out New York City. Social and societal ills have contributed to the disintegration of the family.
Sociological studies suggest, whtn young people are constuctively challenged and given a sense of self-achievement, they are less inclined to develop or become involved themselves in antisocial behavior, and are well likelyh to choose the road towards developing a strong sense of self-esteem.

New Breed provides youngsters with a supportive environment that nutures and assists in the development of a strong mind. New Breed provides all of its members with a safe space where urban youngsters can be positively stimulated to master varying challenges that will help them to mature constructively. These varied challenges will......